Monday, May 4, 2009

5/4/09 1/72 B-Wing & 1/72 V-Wing

School has had me busy for the last couple of months but during the last two weeks I've finally had some time to work on stuff.

I got my V-Wing kit this last week. The panel lines were pretty bad so I've started to re-scribe them.

The cockpit canopy glass was also kind of foggy due to the master being primed so I polished it up a bit and dipped it in Future.

I've continued work on my B-Wing. This piece is getting very close to being done. I'll be doing some more clean-up and then I'll move on to painting.

I've started some rough work on this end.

This area is gettign pretty close to being done as well. I added the last bits of armor plating and now there's just a little bit of clean-up left.

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