Saturday, May 23, 2009

1/72 V-Wing - Painting

Well I've gotten allot of painting done this weekend. I did a nice looking chipped paint look on it so first I'll just show how I did it.

I started with a base of light gray, and then sprayed a mix of light gray and camouflage gray over that. Then I sanded some areas down so that both colors would show through.
So now that I have the base, I covered it in a little bit of water.

Next I sprinkled some salt on it.

After letting it dry for a few minutes, I painted it with Testor's British Crimson. It's important to spray it from 6 inches to a foot away so that you don't blow off the salt. You get allot of overspray doing this so make sure you don't have anything in the area that you don't want to get paint on.

After it dries, rub off the salt. On this piece I rubbed it off kind of roughly so it took off more paint.

With this piece I rubbed it off gently so it's not as chipped looking.

I used the same technique here.

I did the same technique again for the main hull.
For the gray part, I use the same technique but with light gray underneath and a mix of light gray and camouflage gray on top. The streaks are where i hit it with the end of a paintbrush with dry dark gray paint on it.

I also got the canopy painted.

Roughly held together.

Compared to the last V-Wing I did... Embarrassing

I still have some more painting to do but I should have another update on Monday.

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