Thursday, March 20, 2008

B-Wing work

Today I chisseled off the random details on the enging house on my B-Wing. They were very innacurate. The MPC kit was more accurate in this area! Now don't get me wrong... I love Mr. Wong's work and I believe he's up there with the modelling gods but he must not have been able to find enough reference for this part or something.
I also chopped off the head of my StudioStarforge Sullustian and put it on a rebel pilot.

Not sure if you can see in this picture, but my sullustian has a nasty bubble in his ear. I guess I'll be puttying him up a bit too. The other sullustian that came with the set had a bubble for a face. All the detail of the face was there but if it was touched then it'd cave in.

However... the rest of my StudioStarforge figures are top-notch and completely bubble free. I guess I just got some bad ones.

I got the magnet into the back of the cockpit today. The ugly pitted area will not be visible when finished. The magnet I used is VERY strong. I can hold it by the cockpit and the body piece won't fall.

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